This is the area in which I talk about myself and tell you all about my achievements. Well, sorry to disappoint folks (or maybe reaffirm?) I am a work in progress. For each little thing you don’t know about me there are probably ten billion I don’t know about myself. Oh, I’m sure you don’t want to know about them either and that’s probably for the best.

I am pretty much addicted to the Internet and social media to be specific. The only person I know more addicted is my husband John. He loves him some connectivity. Maybe that’s why we work. If need to talk to him I send him a message whilst he sits in the next room sipping beer and playing World of Warcraft (yes, I am married a nerd).  The most awesome part of this is that my productivity goes through the roof! :) Think of all that time I save by not actually talking!

I spent my early twenties studying, and then some. I left university with an anxiety disorder and a political conscience which I find a REALLY bad combination. You can seemingly achieve nothing when the two combine. By my late twenties my desire to make the world a better place hit a brick wall. I blame customer service and the pressure to be chirpy no matter how nasty the customer. That shit will break you. You see how bad people can be and you no longer want to fix them. You’d rather just watch them muddle in their self destruction.

Today, I’m just trying to pay the bills and watching my life slip away into a monotony that can’t be cured by television and food. So, I write this instead. What am I trying to achieve? Well, I think of this as my therapy. If I can work through my day by revealing my business to virtual strangers then I can’t fall any further, can I? :D MOST AWESOME!

Thanks for stopping by,

Natalie x